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    Activated Aluminium: Redefining Elegance With Aluminium Front Fences And Slats

    Unleash the potential of your property with Activated Aluminium, your go-to destination for avant-garde aluminium front fences and aluminium slats solutions. We pride ourselves on merging cutting-edge design with the robustness of aluminium to bring you unrivalled products that enhance both the aesthetic and security aspects of your space. Providing privacy, security and style, aluminium front fencing is the number one choice for homeowners Australia wide. We specialise and manufacture a wide variety of front fencing. We work closely with our clients to ensure their home is executed with street appeal along with ensuring that all safety measures are met to keep the family safe.

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    Providing privacy, security and style, aluminium front fencing is the number one choice for homeowners Australia wide. We specialise in and manufacture a wide various forms of front fencing.
    Privacy screens come with a range of benefits, of course the main one being the additional comfort and security they provide. However, they also have thermal control qualities to keep temperatures low throughout the intense Australian Summers. With the variety of colours and styles available in our range, you can even stand out as a […]
    We specialise in all types of gates; from single and double, to sliding and swinging. We even offer automated front gates in all of these varieties. So whether you want a gate for your driveway or a pool gate to keep your kids safe, you can trust us to create one that is stylish, affordable and built to last.
    We offer the largest selection of high quality pool fencing and modern fence styles that retailers charge a premium for. As a leading pool fence manufacturer, we can design and install fencing to any specification and for any project whether commercial or residential.
    Fabricated in our own factory to ensure quality, this also allows us to customise designs to suit your particular needs. Once fabricated the products are powder coated where we can guarantee the longevity of our products by only using quality powders from leading Australian suppliers.

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    Active Fencing & Gates are a family owned and operated business with over 25 years’ experience in the industry. We proudly service the Sydney region including St George, Sutherland Shire, Eastern Suburbs, Northern Suburbs and Western Suburbs. We offer a dynamic, innovative approach that continually resets the benchmark for this industry.

    Aluminium Front Fences - Where Style Meets Security

    Front fences serve as the face of a property, providing the first impression to visitors and passersby. Aluminium front fences have gained popularity for their unique combination of strength and elegance. Aluminium, known for its lightweight yet durable nature, offers a practical solution that doesn't compromise on aesthetics.
    Resistance to Corrosion: One of the key advantages of aluminium front fences is their resistance to corrosion. Unlike some other metals, aluminium does not rust, ensuring that the fence maintains its structural integrity even in challenging weather conditions. This resilience makes it a long-lasting investment, requiring minimal maintenance over the years. Bespoke Designs: The design versatility of aluminium is another factor contributing to its popularity in front fences. Whether you prefer a classic picket style or a more modern and sleek design, aluminium can be crafted to suit various architectural preferences. The powder coating options available further enhance the customisation possibilities, allowing homeowners to match their front fence with the overall colour scheme of the property. Effortless Installation: In terms of installation, these are known for their ease and speed. The lightweight nature of aluminium simplifies the installation process, reducing both time and labour costs. This efficiency is particularly advantageous for those seeking a quick transformation of their property's exterior.

    Aluminium Slats - Transforming Outdoor Spaces

    Within the realm of fencing, aluminium slats have emerged as a popular choice for those seeking a contemporary and aesthetically-pleasing solution. The clean lines and modern appeal of these slats make them a perfect complement to various architectural styles. Adaptability: One of the standout features of aluminium slats is their adaptability to different settings. Whether used as privacy screens, decorative elements or even as sliding gates, these can be employed in numerous ways to enhance both the visual appeal and functionality of a space. The spacing between slats can be customised to achieve the desired balance between privacy and openness. Low Maintenance Marvel: They are also appreciated for their low maintenance requirements. The inherent properties of aluminium make it resistant to rust and corrosion, reducing the need for regular upkeep. A simple wipe-down with a mild detergent is often sufficient to keep them looking pristine, even in harsh weather conditions. Eco-Friendly Option: For those concerned about the environmental impact of their choices, aluminium is a sustainable material. It is highly recyclable, making it an eco-friendly option for those looking to minimise their carbon footprint. Choosing aluminium slats, therefore, aligns with a dedication to both style and environmental responsibility.

    Why Choose Activated Aluminium As Your Trusted Partner?

    • Quality Unmatched: Our dedication to quality is unwavering. Our products undergo stringent testing to not only meet but surpass industry standards.
    • Innovation at the Forefront: Stay ahead of the curve with our innovative designs and solutions, crafted to elevate both the look and functionality of your property.
    • Customer-Centric Philosophy: At Activated Aluminium, your satisfaction is our priority. At every stage of the process, our hardworking support team for customers is here to help.
    • Sustainability Matters: We care for the environment. Our aluminium products are eco-friendly, recyclable and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.
    Extend the allure of your property by seamlessly integrating our aluminium gates. Crafted with the same precision and durability as our front fences, these gates provide a grand entrance that complements your overall aesthetic. Choose us for a complete and cohesive solution that harmonises security, style and cutting-edge functionality.

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    Transform your property into a haven of elegance and security with our premium aluminium front fences and aluminium slats. Whether it's the contemporary charm of our front fences or the versatile allure of our slats, our dedication to quality and innovation ensures you receive nothing but the best. Contact us today by calling us at 0426 919 960 or email at and embark on a journey where excellence seamlessly intertwines with elegance.

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